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Nowhere else in Germany are industrial and rural regions so close to one another. There is hardly any other region on earth with an identical concentration of museums, theatres, opera houses and live performance halls. As a free member you presumably can have as much as 10 gadgets in your favorites list. As a VIP member, you presumably can add as a lot as 1 Gb of customized content material in your

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North Rhine-Westphalia has an unparalleled concentration of museums, cultural centres, concert halls and theatres. Film festivals in Oberhausen, Duisburg, Cologne, Lünen, Münster, Bonn, Dortmund and other places in North Rhine-Westphalia present high quality of the best requirements. Buildings designed by top-notch architects have earned worldwide renown. Artists and performers of the primary rank include Pina Bausch, Max Ernst, Emil Schumacher, Joseph Beuys or Bernd and Hilla Becher. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 consigned socialism to the bin of history and led to Germany’s reunification. Berlin grew to become capital whilst Bonn remained the ‘Federal City’.

North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany’s No. 1 industrial area. Industry sustains and drives ahead research, progress and wealth in our state. Of Germany’s prime 100 companies, 37 are primarily based in North Rhine-Westphalia. Hello, blog owner right here (posting from my new weblog account). Just wondering, is anybody still involved on this game? I know it’s been a loooong time since there have been any updates.

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The ‘Economic Miracle’ created the premise for wealth for all. A major contribution came from the fourteen or so million immigrant employees, or ‘visitor workers’, a lot of whom were finally to remain in the nation. ‘They known as for labourers, and it was individuals who came’, Swiss writer Max Frisch as quickly as commented on the necessity for a change of perspective in the course of the model new arrivals.

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This first coal crisis heralded the onset of painful structural changes that were to final several decades. In 1987, steelworkers went on strike for the primary time in fifty years. Four years later, the death knell sounded for the Rheinhausen Rolling Mill in Duisburg – which came to symbolise the burgeoning crisis within the Ruhr. North Rhine-Westphalia has changed in recent decades like no other German area. And like no different region, the state is banking on tradition to do its bit to minimize the impact. The results may be viewed throughout the country, and particularly in the Ruhr.

all required items. Among Europe’s metropolitan regions, North Rhine-Westphalia has some of the highly effective economies. Were it an independent nation, it might be a world chief in terms of exports.

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On 21 January, 1947, the new state was joined by the territory of Lippe. Karl Arnold, a Christian Democrat, turned the first democratically elected State Premier. The values embraced by the individuals of North Rhine-Westphalia were very neatly summarised when he stated, ‘We are Germany’s social conscience’.

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